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Daily Bucs Links 11/18/12 - Game day!

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Do Bucs offer QB Josh Freeman a contract extension? - Tampa Bay Times
Yes, duh.

For Bucs, being 5-4 is all that matters |
Moving on to 6-4, hopefully.

Journeyman LeQuan Lewis hopes he has found home with Buccaneers - Tampa Bay Times

Checkdowns: Are teams more risk-averse than ever in 2012?
Huh, that's odd.

Bucs offensive line stays strong despite change - Tampa Bay Times

Buccaneers can wait for help at CB - NFC South Blog - ESPN
They need help.

What Cadillac Williams Taught Me: Determination Part 1 « I Am Earnest
Earnest Graham talks Caddy.

Buccaneers have NFL-high $30 million in cash on injured reserve list | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
A bunch of high-profile players on there.

Bucs' Five Keys To Victory Week 11: The Panthers | Pewter Report
Outscore them.

Super Bowl Lookback |
What happened in '02?

NFP Sunday Blitz | National Football Post
NFL notes.

Game Day Spotlight: Leonard Johnson |

Buccaneers Fantasy Corner, Week 11 |
Fantasy stuff.

Bucs Nab DT Masifilo off 49ers' Practice Squad |