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Tampa Bay Buccaneers lacking in Pro Bowl votes

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been explosive on offense, but they've barely registered for Pro Bowl votes. It's time to solve that problem!

J. Meric

Yesterday, news came out that Ronde Barber led all NFC free safeties in Pro Bowl votes. Certainly an admirable feat for a player who was struggling with assignments early in the season. Barber has been absolutely outstanding since the bye week, however, and his Pro Bowl nomination would certainly be deserved.

And yet, Ronde Barber is joined by only one other Tampa Bay Buccaneer in the top 5 at their positions. Doug Martin is ranked number five in Pro Bowl votes, and no other Buccaneers is even ranked anywhere, according to ESPN. This is a travesty that must be rectified. Let's do so!

You can vote for the Pro Bowl right here. Go do so!

I have a few suggestions for players who should make it into the Pro Bowl.

Quarterback: Josh Freeman. Freeman leads the league in yards per pass attempt and has been absolutely stellar since the bye week. He faces a tough field, but seriously, he leads the league in yards per pass attempt. That's pretty impressive.

Running back: Doug Martin. Martin has been stellar this season, and he should certainly be near the top. I have no qualms with Adrian Peterson being ahead of him, but that's the only player who should be ahead of him. Why? Because Doug Martin leads the league in yards from scrimmage per game.

Wide Receiver: Vincent Jackson. The big free agent addition this offseason, Jackson certainly deserves to be in the conversation. Key stat: Jackson leads the league in yards per reception (among receivers with at least 30 catches).

Tight End: Nope.

Offensive Tackle: Donald Penn. Penn has been pretty good, and he's been key to the running game this season. Plus, his competition is really weak. I mean, he trails Sam Baker of all people. That's just not acceptable.

Offensive Guard/Center: Nope, no one worth a vote here what with everyone on injured reserve. Jeremy Zuttah has been okay, but with just two games at guard it's too early to give him a Pro Bowl vote, I'd say.

Defensive end: Michael Bennett. I have no key stat here, though he does lead the team in sacks. But Bennett has been absolutely dominant against the run, and pretty good against the pass.

Defensive tackle: Gerald McCoy. The best player on the best run defense in the NFL, and opposing teams are double teaming him on every play now. It's an absolute travesty that he's not in the top 5 at his position. Jonathan Babineaux's ahead of him!

Inside Linebacker: Mason Foster. Foster has been pretty good, and with Sean Lee on injured reserve and Patrick Willis and Navorro Bowman both kind of struggling, he deserves your vote.

Outside linebacker: Lavonte David. You know, you love him, he's in the top 10 for rushing defeats(Football Outsiders stat) among all NFL players. Sack leaders tend to get these votes, but I think it's time for a 4-3 OLB to make the list again.

Cornerback: ...okay, never mind.

Strong Safety: Mark Barron. Barron's play has dropped off a little in recent weeks, but his physical style has been a blessing against the run and he's been fairly good in coverage. Plus, he's tied for the lead among all defensive backs for rushing defeats.

Free Safety: Ronde Barber. Well, he's already the leader at free safety and he's been outstanding this season. Vote some more for him!

K/P/Special Teamer: You can vote for Connor Barth and Michael Koenen as specialists, but their production hasn't been mindblowing this season. Dekoda Watson is a beast on special teams, though, and he should get your vote as a special teamer.