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Doug Martin wins NFL Offensive Rookie of the Month October 2012

Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

Doug Martin has won his first award in his career: he's been named the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Month for October of 2012. Martin has taken off the last few games, and has averaged an astounding (and NFL-high) 155.7 yards from scrimmage per game throughout the past month. Adrian Peterson followed at number two, with just 129.5 scrimmage yards.

While all of that's impressive, it remains to be seen whether the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can keep feeding him the ball with this level of effectiveness without All-Pro guard Carl Nicks. Martin has been impressive, but no back can survive without at least halfway decent blocking - and that could very well be missing over the second half of the season.

Still, savor it while you can: Doug Martin is getting national recognition. In fact, a Buccaneer is getting national recognition. This is all a bit new for me. What's happening?