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Vote for Doug Martin, Rookie of the Week and Ground Player of the Week!

Doug Martin had a breakout game last week and is up for two national awards because of it.

Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

Thanks to his 214 total yards and two touchdowns, Doug Martin hit the national spotlight in a big way. That's what fantasy football and a national spotlight will do for you. The rookie is now up for two awards: Rookie of the Week and Ground Player of the Week. Going solely by statistics, Martin should be the favorite to win both those awards - and that would be a

Doug Martin is starting to make a case to be named offensive rookie of the year, despite a relatively slow start to the season. Right now, Martin leads all rookies in yards from scrimmage, is fifth in the NFL in that same statistic and second in the NFL in receiving yards among running backs. Doug Martin is having the best year of all the rookie running backs and, more importantly, is making a case to be included among the top 5 of NFL running backs.

His main competition comes from Alfred Morris and Robert Griffin III at this point. Morris is doing more as a rusher at this point but has failed to contribute as a receiver, but beating Griffin will be nearly impossible. The rookie quarterback has looked like a star, although this team hasn't done as well as his statistics would suggest.

Still, that shouldn't take away from Martin's accomplishments, who has looked amazing and has really exploded the past few weeks. Will he be able to keep it up without Carl Nicks' help? That will be a tougher assignment.