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Blackout lifted for Sunday's game

The Bucs will finally be on local TV as the blackout has been lifted. Who says miracles don't happen?

Yay for football!
Yay for football!
Al Messerschmidt

Short and too the point. The blackout out for Sunday's game against the New Orleans Saints has been lifted. This means the Bucs have sold at least 85% of the non-premium tickets and that most of us will actually get to watch the game on TV as opposed to on the computer. This is still a far cry from where the Bucs were with a sellout streak and waiting list on season tickets, but this is most certainly progress. This is a big divisional game that could bring the Bucs back to 3-3 and increase the talk that a playoff trip may be on the horizon.

I'm not sure if it's due to the Saints being in town, it being the throwback game featuring the creamsicles, or just a random act of nature, but we'll take it. Share your excalmations of joy in the comments below.