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GIF: Vincent Jackson Scores Second Touchdown as Bucs Blow Out Chiefs

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers continue to destroy the Kansas City Chiefs, as they're leading 38-10 at the end of the game.

So how did they get there? Here's the latest touchdown, a slant to Vincent Jackson who then broke a few tackles to get into the endzone. Doug Martin had set up that touchdown with several big runs during that drive. That Vincent Jackson touchdown was as easy as it gets. He didn't even have to run a slant, just kind of walk up, catch the ball, and scamper into the endzone.

That play is indicative of why the Bucs have had success today: the big pass play. Time after time, Josh Freeman has completed big passes to Mike Williams, Vincent Jackson and even Tiquan Underwood. Doug Martin and Legarrette Blount have finished out the game, as they ran out the clock and added a few more scores. Easy game, for the first time in over a year.