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GIF: Chiefs Block Punt, Return Punter Throw For TD, Cut Bucs Lead To 21-10

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers apparently signed Garo Yepremian two years ago instead of Michael Koenen. At least, that's what this certainly looks like. The Bucs were forced to punt from their 12-yard line, but the punt was blocked. What happened next came straight of NFL Follies. Koenen picked up the ball, but instead of taking the safety he ran out of the endzone.

And then he threw it straight to Edgar Jones, who ran it for a touchdown. Oops.

Koenen should have taken the safety, but conservative playcalling got the Bucs into that hole in the first place, as they looked like they wanted to run out the clock with a three-score lead. Now it's 21-10, and the Chiefs could engineer a comeback, here.