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Buccaneers Lead Chiefs 7-3 At The Half

The deep ball has been what has gotten the Bucs going this game, negating an early Josh Freeman interception. The defense held the Chiefs to just 3 points, despite giving up long drives and short pass after short pass. Mark Barron got his first career interception off Brady Quinn to stop the Chiefs' first drive, while

While the Chiefs dinked their way to a field goal, the Bucs didn't mess around and just went for deep ball after deep ball. Mike Williams has a ridiculous 103 yards and a touchdown on just three catches, and that touchdown was a beauty. Another decent drive stranded just inside field goal range, and Connor Barth lined up for a 55-yarder - and missed, for the first time in 25 attempts.

The Bucs defense has held up well so far, with Jamaal Charles, Shaun Draughn and Nate Eachus (who?) combining for 17 carries and just 31 yards. Jamaal Charles has 8 yards on 7 carries. Brady Quinn keeps completing passes, but is throwing for just 49 yards per attempt. Meanwhile, Josh Freeman has completed just 5 of 13 passes, but at 122 yards and touchdown, he's passed for 9.4 yards per attempt.

Can the Bucs hold on to their lead in the second half? Will they continue to go after that Chiefs secondary? Let's find out!