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Chiefs - Buccaneers: Brady Quinn To Start, Matt Cassel Out

Peter Aiken - Getty Images

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel suffered a concussion during last week's game against the Baltimore Ravens, and will miss Sunday's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As a consequence, former first-round pick and noted terrible quarterback Brady Quinn will play in his stead. Given the fact that Matt Cassel has been awful this season, one might think this would be an improvement for the Chiefs. But Quinn is even worse - which would be why he wasn't the starter in the first place.

Over his career, Quinn has completed just 52.5% of his passes for 1,934 yards, 10 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. He produced a ridiculously low 5.4 yards per attempt during that time. For those who think Josh Freeman's a bad quarterback, you haven't seen the dumpster fire in Kansas City.

Of course, there's one area where Quinn may be a slight improvement over Quinn: interception percentage. The Kansas City Chiefs lead the league in turnovers with an unbelievable 19 giveaways, 9 of those on Cassel interceptions. Quinn has only thrown 9 interceptions in his whole career. The Bucs have done a decent job of producing turnovers this year, but they could be in for trouble on Sunday if Quinn is his usual ultra-conservative self.

The passing game may not be productive for Kansas City, but their running game has been dominant this year. Jamaal Charles is back to form , as they're running at a very good clip of 5.2 yards per attempt. With 904 yards on the ground, the Chiefs are tough to stop on the ground. The Bucs' run defense has done well so far, but a few missed gap assignments or missed tackles and Tampa Bay could be in trouble. That's what happened two weeks ago against the Redskins, and it could happen again this Sunday, regardless of the quarterback under center.