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Daily Bucs Links 1/8/12 - Florida's coaching search continues

Florida's three NFL teams vying in coach sweepstakes - South Florida
Which location looks best?

Bucs looking for stern disciplinarian -
That should be no shock.

Dolphins Coaching Search: Joe Philbin Interviewed - SB Nation Tampa Bay
The Dolphins are moving along, the Bucs are still quiet as a mouse.

Bucs can't afford to stand pat this time |
Considering standing pat means having no coaches, that's pretty obvious.

Bucs' dismal season leaves questions unanswered |
Who can be a real player, and who can't?

Lovie Smith: Pressure on Chicago Bears coach -
Interesting: Mike Mularkey will bring Clyde Christensen with him if he becomes a head coach. That sounds like a bad idea.

Looking ahead to the 2012 Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Tampa Bay Times
Roster moves.

NFL playoff party still way too far away from Tampa Bay - Tampa Bay Times

Tampa Bay Buccaneers' coaching update: Day 5 - Tampa Bay Times
Nothing new here.

These New Orleans Saints don't march so much as they sprint - Tampa Bay Times
A very good team.

Hall has its final list |
The Hall of Fame finalists don't include any Buccaneers. But next year, Warren Sapp should be eligible.