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The 2011 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Season - In Animated GIFs

Time for some levity on this blog. Things haven't exactly been positive among Bucs fans the past months, although some hope is starting to flourish now that the Bucs are conducting their coaching search. So, let's use some hilarious Bucs-related animated GIFs to sum up the year.

Preseason for Bucs fans:

Fat guy touchdown dances. Have to love them. Bucs fans felt like this before the season. Coming off a 10-6 season with a franchise quarterback and a lot of young talent, it seemed like the Bucs could make a splash. Not a championship splash, mind you, but certainly a division-winning splash with a little luck.

And with a little luck, we'd get to see Donald Penn do his very own touchdown dance like that.

What Bucs fans saw after six games:

(from SB Nation's Top 50 GIFs of 2011)

The Bucs were 4-2 and on top of the division after six games. Things hadn't gone entirely smoothly, but the Bucs were winning and it looked like they'd overcome some of their struggles. Like Blount on this run, things looked bleak early - but a few miraculous mixups by opposing teams and some hard play from the Bucs got them to four wins. Could the Bucs do it again? Could they surprise the NFL and hang on to a division lead?


(from SB Nation's Top 50 GIFs of 2011)

This sums up what happened after that 4-2 start: incompetence. Buccaneers seemed more interested in hugging it out with their teammates than tackling. Frank Okam may need to learn how to not obliterate people when he hugs them, though.


We're pissed and we're not going to take it anymore going to lay down for every team we face! Yeah, that's how that season ended: anger and despair.

That's Donald Penn going after poor little Dunta Robinson after the cornerback tried to kill Preston Parker with a pretty vicious (and illegal) shot to the head. A Buccaneer being an irresponsible thug or just a Buc standing up for his teammates and showing some passion for once? You make the call.

I'm just going to put my money on Donald Penn if he ever has to do battle with a cornerback, though. Robinson stands no chance.

Bucs fans everywhere said this:


I love this GIF. It's my favorite of the season. This is the Falcons defensive coordinator reacting after a Falcon jumped offside to seal the game for the Bucs. Lovely.

Too bad every Bucs fans shouted this at his TV every three minutes over the last five weeks of the season. I can tell you this, though: next season won't be as horrible. It can't possibly be.