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The Great Jeff Fisher Chase: Rams vs Dolphins, Bucs out of the race?

Jeff Fisher is the top prize out there, though in part that's because the veteran head coach doesn't have a lot of competition with Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden staying out of football. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are reportedly in the chase, and according to Rick Stroud he's at the top of the Bucs' list. Someone must not have told Jeff Fisher and ESPN, because Fisher will reportedly choose between the Miami Dolphins and St. Louis Rams, ignoring the Tampa Bay Buccaneers per Adam Schefter.

This comes on the heels of Ira Kaufman telling The Fabulous Sports Babe on ESPN 1040 that the Bucs weren't blown away by Jeff Fisher. Stephen Holder explained that "they are not looking at [Fisher] as superior to anyone else." The Bucs are trying to schedule an interview with Jeff Fisher according to Rick Stroud, but if ESPN can be believed they shouldn't even bother. I'm not too concerned by that, mostly because I - like the Bucs - am not overwhelmed by his resume. He's had a few good seasons, but he's also had a lot of bad seasons. He's been a solid head coach, but not an overwhelmingly dominant leader.

Whether or not the Bucs are out of the Jeff Fisher race, the Bucs are carrying on their search. They're looking at former head coaches, offensive coordinators and defensive coordinators. The one category missing from their search so far is college head coaches - unless you count Mike Sherman there. Will they bring in a college coach for an interview?