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Is Mike Williams too lazy? Shades of Michael Clayton?

Rumor time! Charlie Campbell of Walter Football and formerly of Pewter Report reports that Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Mike Williams was lazy, didn't put in the work and went out late at night. The column reads a little like a Daily News article, but Campbell does have access to inside sources and wouldn't just make up stuff like this. Here's an excerpt:

Former team staff said Williams in particular was a mess. In the beginning of the season, Williams was struggling to get separation from defensive backs. He thought he was too heavy, so he started losing weight, and by the end of the season, sources said that Williams was too frail and didn't have the strength to fight off jams and re-routes. Williams also was said to be partying a lot at night, and as a result, he was falling asleep during meetings.

Who knows whether this stuff about Mike Williams is true. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me - at least the bits about his weight. There were questions about his work ethic and dedication in college, too. He missed a year because he was academically ineligible, and 'quit' on the team (among some vague details) after getting in a late-night car accident. Even last year he was arrested for DUI late at night, although the charge was eventually dropped for lack of evidence.

Michael Clayton is a name that will immediately come to mind for many Bucs fans, but that comparison actually doesn't make a lot of sense. Michael Clayton had a good rookie year, but he was absolutely terrible afterward, never catching more than 38 passes and never topping 484 yards. While Mike Williams had a down year this season, he still produced to the tune of 65 catches, 771 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Williams was still a useful if limited player this season, and he has a chance to bounce back next year. Don't let the fact that Michael Clayton fell off the map cloud your feelings toward Mike Williams, who had a much better sophomore season than Clayton did and is much more physically gifted than Clayton ever was.