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Jeff Fisher At The Top Of Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Wish List says Rick Stroud

It looks like the Jeff Fisher to Tampa Bay train is gaining steam. Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times reported on the Primetime Show on ESPN 1040 that Jeff Fisher is at the top of the Bucs' wish list of potential head coaches, although he qualified that by saying that was mostly GM Mark Dominik's list.

Meanwhile, both ESPN's John Clayton and Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times report that the Bucs have not reached out to Jeff Fisher yet. This doesn't mean all that much, as the Bucs could schedule an interview at any point with the veteran ex coach.

If the Bucs do pursue Jeff Fisher they may have the best chance of hiring him of any team in the NFL. The Bucs have never skimped on head coaching salaries, giving Jon Gruden a $5 million per year extension as recently as 2008, so money should not be an issue.

More importantly perhaps, Jeff Fisher reportedly wants to be the coach of a team with an established quarterback and Mike Freeman reports that the Tampa Bay and Indianapolis jobs intrigue him most. The Colts are hanging on to Jim Caldwell as their head coach for now, although that may change once the team appoints a new general manager.

The only two open jobs with established quarterbacks right now are the St. Louis and Tampa Bay jobs, with Sam Bradford and Josh Freeman respectively. While Sam Bradford is a former first overall draft pick, he has struggled in his career so far and Freeman has shown more as a quarterback. Neither QB is safe from criticism however, as both had a rough year. All that combined, and the Bucs may have the best chance of landing Jeff Fisher if they want to.

UPDATE: Per Rick Stroud, the Bucs are trying to line up an interview with Fisher, but have to work around his schedule.

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