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Daily Bucs Links 1/28/12 - Greg Schiano introduced as head coach news: Schiano makes sense for Bucs; assessing other new hires
Wait, Michael Lombardi likes something the Bucs did??

Filling Schiano's coaching staff won't be easy for Bucs |
Better get a move on.

Johnson Excited To Reunite With Schiano | Pewter Report
George Johnson talks about his former (and current) coach.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers' pick of Greag Schiano makes no sense - Michael Rosenberg -
No sense? None?

New Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano: Expect accountability, physical play - Tampa Bay Times
He talks the talk. Can he walk the walk?

Schiano Recruits Himself Right Into The NFL - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
On coaches moving from college to the NFL.

Most important Buc buys into Schiano - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Josh Freeman.

Bucs Introduce Schiano As Ninth Franchise Head Coach | Pewter Report

Greg Schiano will have final call on assistant coach hires | & Tampa Bay Times
Of course he will. It'd be silly if he didn't.

Dominik: Schiano To Have Final Stay On Staff Hires | Pewter Report
Now can he find the good ones?

Five impressions of Greg Schiano's introductory news conference as Tampa Bay Buccaneers' new coach - Tampa Bay Times
Just five?

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Bucs introduce Rutgers' Schiano as new coach | Fox Sports Florida
The introduction was impressive.

Buccaneers introduce Rutgers' Schiano as new coach | AP
Buying in yet? | Mark Dominik Talks About The Hiring Process - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
What it says there.

Cam Newton took a ton of snaps - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Freeman not so much, what with the injury and the stupid Josh Johnson sweeps.

Bucs Players React To Schiano Hiring | Pewter Report
They like it.

Bucs GM Mark Dominik 1-27 - 620 WDAE - The Sports Animal
Dominik talks.

Next up for Bears QB coach hunt: Plan B -
Greg Olson apparently turned them down to go to the Jaguars.

Winslow wanted Chudzinski to coach the Bucs | ProFootballTalk
I'm with Winslow, but Schiano seems like a good fit. news: Bucs TE Winslow wanted Chudzinski, says he's fine with Schiano
Of course he is. And if he isn't, he's out of luck.

[Video] GM Mark Dominik Welcomes Head Coach Greg Schiano |
Press conferences galore.

[Video] Co-Chairman Joel Glazer Introduces HC Schiano |
Even the Glazers chime in.

New Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano, Josh Freeman have a history together - Tampa Bay Times
Schiano has a history of beating Freeman.

Coach Greg Schiano's move to Tampa Bay Buccaneers catches recruit offguard - Tampa Bay Times
Of course. It's not like he can discuss this with recruits.

Schiano arrives: Beware the Jaw |
THE JAW. A little weak. He needs a better nickname.

Schiano not in hurry to hire his assistants |
Just get the right ones.

Schiano's to-do list |
To-do: win a Super Bowl.

Schiano: Clear Vision, Clear Expectations |
Clear skin.

[Video] Head Coach Greg Schiano Introductory PC, Part 1 |

[Video] Head Coach Greg Schiano Introductory PC, Part 2 |

[Video] One-On-One with Head Coach Greg Schiano |
Talk is cheap, though.