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What is everyone saying about Greg Schiano?

The reactions among the fanbase on the potential hiring of Greg Schiano as head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has been mixed. The reactions among the media and NFL people have been largely positive, however. Schiano is not a no-name coach: he is respected around the football world, and has been targeted for NFL jobs before. So, let's see what people on twitter are saying about him:

Boston Globe Patriots beat writer Greg Bedard:

Loved Schiano the program builder, recruiter. Terrific preparation. Not a fan of game coaching. Reminded of Wannstedt, who he coached under

Former O-lineman, now ESPN radio host Ross Tucker:

All I know is EVERYBODY that knows/has worked with Greg Schiano speaks glowingly of him.

Agent & Former Eagles Pro Scouting Director Mike McCartney:

I worked with Greg Schiano for 5 years. He is a great coach and turning #Rutgers into relevance is pretty amazing per their history.

CBS College Writer Bruce Feldman:

IF Greg Schiano does leave, this is one of clearest cases of a coach who left a place much better than he found it.

Newark Star-Ledger via 620 WDAE:

Newark Star-Ledger reporting #Schiano cancelled going to Paterno's funeral to talk to #Bucs.

ESPN's Adam Schefter:

Not the first time this off-season Greg Schiano interviewed with NFL team. Sources say he was a finalist for Rams HC job.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated:

Schiano fast-tracking now. He'll be the coach of the Bucs.

CBS' Brett McMurphy:

Sources told @CBSSports Rutgers' Greg Schiano has accepted Bucs job

There are also some interesting details in ESPN's story, most notably the fact that the Bucs have been eyeing Schiano since they started this process, and that college scout Bill Rees first made contact with Schiano.