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Glazer cheapness strikes? Allegations of slashed severance packages surface

Charlie Campbell of Walter Football and formerly of Pewter Report paints a bleak picture of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' willingness to spend money. According to him, the Buccaneers have been turned down by six or seven coaches either in interviews or in negotiations. One of the reasons that has happened, according to him, is that the Bucs are trying to slash severance packages of prospective coaches and that's hurting them. After firing large parts of the coaching staff twice in four years, that kind of reaction makes some sense.

While I don't doubt that the Bucs are indeed trying to slash severance packages, I sincerely doubt that it is hurting their recruiting efforts, however. They reportedly offered Chip Kelly a $6 million per year deal, which would have made him one of the best-paid coaches in the NFL. The Bucs haven't exactly skimped on head coaching salaries in the past, except in the case of Raheem Morris. While slashing severance packages would hurt, this is still one of the most attractive coaching jobs in football - if only because there are only 31 others like it.