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No need to rush for Tampa Bay Buccaneers in coaching search

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers swung and missed with Chip Kelly, and now they're moving on to finding the next coach. Here's what they can't do, though: settle for a coach they're not fully behind because they're in a rush to find someone. Yes, the Bucs are at a disadvantage because good assistant coaches are disappearing off the market every day. That's a problem - but it's not as big of a problem as hiring a head coach you're not convinced about.

Hiring a head coach should be a long-term commitment for a franchise. When hiring a head coach you're not just selecting a figurehead, you're selecting a philosophy and a way of playing football. What you can't do in that case is pick the guy who happens to be available. You must find the right fit.

That's what the Bucs thought they had in Chip Kelly, until he pulled out. Now they must find someone else - but they can't just settle for someone. They must take the time they need to get a coach. As annoying as this wait is, the losses that come with selecting the wrong coach would be much more annoying.