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Big Balls Glazers - Contacting Chip Kelly Shows Aggression and Innovation

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Oregon fans have a saying: "Big Balls Chip". It refers to Chip Kelly and the humongous testicles he must have for his aggressive, bold decisions in managing games and running a franchise. Kelly is innovative, aggressive and not afraid to try something new. He's exactly the opposite of the coaches the Bucs interviewed before him: experienced coaches who know what works, and stick to it.

That, to me, is encouraging. In life, sports and business I think you need to be aggressive and daring to succeed. Reach for the skies, and all that. That's what the Glazers did in this hire: they swung for the fences and tried to break the mold. They weren't afraid to try something new, something that hadn't been done before, and something that would certainly have been an exciting experiment. They were willing to take a risk to bring a winner to town.

By the way, don't blame this on the 'cheap' Glazers. They offered Chip Kelly $6 million per year to come coach the Bucs. They're not afraid to spend on a coach according to Michael Berk of KGW. The Bucs came very close to signing Kelly, it just didn't happen.

Trying to hire Chip Kelly showed some cojones. It showed some marbles. Just when everyone thought they'd gotten stuck and were trying to do the conservative thing, they found their marbles and started crushing homeruns. Or, well, they would have had Chip Kelly not left them at the altar.

So I say: Big Balls Glazers! Now move on, and show that you still have those marbles with your actual hire.