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Tampa Bay Buccaneers embarrassed again: Chip Kelly to stay at Oregon per reports

This is starting to get a little embarrassing. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been left at the altar for at least the third time in Bucs history - twice by Bill Parcells, and now once by Chip Kelly. The Oregon Registrar Guard was the first to report that Chip Kelly would stay at Oregon, and now multiple other outlets - including ESPN and Pewter Report.

This isn't the first time the Bucs have failed to land their prospective head coach. The Glazers went hard after the man they wanted - and they came up short. Did Chip Kelly just use the talks as leverage to get a better contract at Oregon? Who knows, but apparently the Bucs' job is not exactly an attractive one these days.

And that's embarrassing. There are only 32 NFL teams in the universe. Being the head coach of an NFL team is a dream for most coaches - and it should be. But for Chip Kelly, Jeff Fisher and Wade Phillips, that dream doesn't include the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.