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Legarrette Blount's Rumble Named Play of the Year by Fox Sports

2011 was an abysmal season for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but at least there were some great highlights - and none were better than Legarrette Blount's 54-yard touchdown run against the Green Bay Packers in Week 11. Apparently, even the viewing public thought so, as the fans voted Legarrette Blount's run the best play of the entire 2011 season - for any team. I'm amazed that a Buccaneer won an award, and it wasn't a negative one.

That run was truly special. Legarrette Blount broke tackle after tackle with some help of his teammates, including a crushing downfield block by Davin Joseph. He bulled, stiff-armed, and bashed his way to the end zone to give the Bucs their first points of the game. It looked so bad, that I almost thought Tanard Jackson had cloned himself 11 times and had those clones where Packers uniforms - that's how powerful that run was.

If you have wiped the 2011 season from your memory, you can go watch this play again by following this link.