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Daily Bucs Links 1/22/12 - Which coach will help Freeman rebound?

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Bucs' London decision sent quiet message - NFC South Blog - ESPN
A message of "We don't want to go". Wait, that wasn't a 'quiet' message. - Bucs looking for deep threat at receiver
No kidding.

Which head-coaching candidate could best help Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman rebound? - Tampa Bay Times
'Which offensive coordinator' may have been a better question.

Hunt for a Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach: Day 19 - Tampa Bay Times
And we keep going.

NFL conference championship games the most pressure-filled - Jeff Diamond -
Pretty good read.

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Arkansas WR Jarius Wright Q&A | Pewter Report
Could he be the deep threat?

Cortland Finnegan still thinks Tennessee Titans won't re-sign him | The Tennessean |
Well, that's good news. Finnegan is a very good cornerback.

As usual in NFL playoffs, defense trumps offense - Tampa Bay Times
No, balance trumps one-dimensionality. Is that a word? Who cares, it is now.

NFL tight ends have evolved - Tampa Bay Times
Into their super-form.

Giants' Coughlin keeps silencing critics |
Near the end of every season I go "man he's so fired". And then stuff like this happens.'s 2012 Senior Bowl Preview | Pewter Report
Next week's all-star game.

East-West Shrine Game Standouts | Pewter Report
Which players could the Bucs be interested in?