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Entire Tampa Bay Buccaneers Coaching Staff Fired Including Greg Olson - Sweeping Changes Coming

Per Pewter Report, the entire coaching staff of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has been fired as Raheem Morris was let go earlier today. That includes much-maligned offensive coordinator Greg Olson, veteran offensive line coach Pat Morris, and offseason hype machine/defensive line coach Keith Millard.

This shouldn't come as a shock, but it does mean the Bucs will have to massively overhaul their coaching staff this offseason. They not only need to find a new head coach, they also need to find a new offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator and position coaches. That means a major overhaul is coming, and the Bucs will need to make the right decisions to assemble a quality coaching staff.

Hiring an experienced head coach with an established network would help in re-building the current staff. The last time the Bucs tried to re-build their coaching staff, they hired Jeff Jagodzinski and Jim Bates as coordinators - both of whom were fired within a season. Raheem Morris did not apparently have the network to hire the 'right' coordinators at the time. If the Bucs want to avoid a scenario like that, they would do well to look at a coach with many connections within the coaching community.