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Negative Records Mark the 2011 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have just ended their season on a down note: another blowout loss. As the Bucs move into the offseason, the fans won't remember this season very fondly. And they shouldn't, given the number of negative records the Bucs set or nearly set this season. A short list of those terrific achievements, and a reminder of why Raheem Morris is likely to be fired today.

  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers set a franchise record for points given up in a season, notching 494 of those points on the season. This broke the 1985 team's previous record of 448 points.
  • That record means the Bucs are now tied for fourth place on the all-time NFL list of points given up in a season. They are tied with the 2009 Detroit Lions. Only the 1981 Baltimore Ravens, the 2008 Detroit Lions and the 1966 New York Giants have ever given up more points in a season.
  • This also means the Bucs gave up the most points in the NFL in 2011.
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers led the NFL in turnovers in 2011, giving away the ball 40 times on the season.
  • Josh Freeman led the NFL in turnovers in 2011 with 27: 2 interceptions and 5 lost fumbles. He didn't lead the NFL in interceptions, though, as Ryan Fitzpatrick threw 23.
  • The 2011 Bucs are only the third team in franchise history to lose 10 straight games. The 1976 and 1977 teams both lost ten straight games as part of the franchise's 0-26 start.
  • The Bucs' -207 point differential ranks third worst in franchise history. Leeman Bennett's 1986 team had a point differential of -234, while the 1976 expansion Bucs had a point differential of -287.
  • Surprisingly, the Bucs didn't have the worst point differential in the NFL this year: the St. Louis Rams managed a point differential of -214. Yes, this means the 2011 Bucs have a worse point differential than the 2011 Indianapolis Colts.
  • The 2011 Tampa Bay Buccaneers allowed at least 40 points in four different games, which ties the 1976 Bucs for most games giving up at least 40 points.
  • The 2011 Bucs lost by at least 27 points four times, tying the 1976 team's record.
  • The 5.01 yards per rushing attempt given up by the 2011 Bucs is a franchise-worst record. It ranks second worst in the NFL in 2011, behind the Oakland Raiders.
  • The Bucs' 346 rushing attempts are the second lowest total in franchise history, behind only the 1982 Buccaneers - who operated in a strike year, playing just 9 games.
  • The 2011 Bucs' total rushing yards margin of -1,039 yards is second worst in franchise history, behind only the 1976 Buccaneers - again.

These are just the records I could find using Pro Football Reference's awesome search tools. I'm sure the Bucs managed more negative records, but these are bad enough for me.