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Mike Zimmer to interview with Tampa Bay Buccaneers today per report

Despite reports that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were meeting yesterday to determine who to bring back for a second interview it seems that their coaching search is still continuing. The Bucs will bring in Cincinnati defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer for an interview today according to Jason LaCanfora. It's not known when the Bucs will interview Rob Chudzinski, although that should be soon as well.

The clock is ticking for the Bucs to appoint a head coach. Without a head coach in place it's difficult for the Bucs to go after defensive and offensive coordinators as those continue to sign with other teams. Specifically, the Bucs will want to have a head coach in place by the Senior Bowl which will take place on January 28. The Senior Bowl isn't just a place for teams to scout potential drafted players, but it also functions as an annual job market of sorts for assistant coaches. If the Bucs don't have a head coach in place by then, they can't take advantage of the Senior Bowl to assemble a coaching staff. In addition, the longer the Bucs wait, the bigger the chance that the coach they want signs elsewhere or decides to pull out of the interview process.

Despite that, NBC's and Sports Illustrated's Peter King reports that the Bucs will continue to take their time to find the right coach for the job. The Bucs must make sure to find the right head coach, of course, but they must also make sure that they don't take too long to find that coach. They have to find a balance between finding a quality coach and doing so in a timely manner. We'll find out over the next weeks whether they can do that.