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Football Is Back: Season Opener Open Thread

In the past months, we saw the NFL Draft. We've sat through a lengthy lockout. We've sat through an inactive free agency period for the Bucs. We've sat through preseason games that mean absolutely nothing and agonized over what could be and what will be.

But football, real, regular-season football is finally back. In three days, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will get to face off against the Detroit Lions. That's when we'll get to see the team we all root for again.

In the mean time, we will have to make do with today's game. The two most recent Super Bowl champions will face off. The Green Bay Packers against the New Orleans Saints. Both teams have good offenses and good defenses. This should be a fun game to watch.

Because with a bit of luck, we will get to see the Packers beat the living tar out of the New Orleans Saints.