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Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2011 Rookie Jersey Numbers

With a new year, there are always new players, and with new players come new jersey numbers. These numbers aren't all the same as the numbers these players have been sporting during the preseason. For those of you who want to order custom jerseys or just want to be able to recognize the Bucs' new players, here are the jersey numbers they will be using this year: 

#94 Adrian Clayborn
#91 Da'Quan Bowers
#59 Mason Foster
#88 Luke Stocker
#21 Allen Bradford
# 24 Anthony Gaitor
#30 Devin Holland
#46 Christian Yount

Zac Diles has not yet been assigned a number. 

One number that stands out to me is Luke Stocker's #88. That was Jimmie Giles number, and with his induction into the Ring of honor this year I half expected that number to be retired. When the Bucs inducted Lee Roy Selmon into the Ring, his number had already been retired, while John McKay was never a player. It seems that induction into the ring of honor isn't automatically accompanied by the retirement of a number, and that that honor is reserved for only the very greatest Buccaneers.