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Handling Ndamukong Suh should not be a big problem for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive line

"Say what?"
"Say what?"

The Detroit Lions defensive line is stout, and Ndamukong Suh is clearly the best player on that line. On  his way to winning the Defensive Rookie of the Year award, Suh amassed 10.5 sacks and was quickly anointed one of the best defensive tackles in the NFL.

Yet despite that, the Bucs shouldn't struggle to contain that defensive line based on last year's results. While the Bucs lost that game, their offense handled the Lions defense very well. The Bucs ran for 176 yards on 28 carries, including five scrambles by Josh Freeman. The young quarterback meanwhile completed 21/32 passes for 251 yards and a touchdown, while he had another touchdown incorrectly taken off the board by the referees. He was sacked three times, which is not an abnormal amount, and suffered just three more hits in that game.

And the Bucs did all that with a severely limited offensive line. Davin Joseph and Jeff Faine were both on IR, while Jeremy Trueblood had been benched in favor of James Lee. The Bucs should be able to handle that defensive line much better this time around. While the pride of the Lions defense is indeed fearsome, recent history suggests it should not be a difficult obstacle for the Bucs offense.