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Peyton Manning's injury brings Ronde Barber's incredible streak into focus

Peyton Manning may miss the first game of the season, bringing his ridiculous streak of starting 208 straight regular season games in jeopardy. And if this were to happen, Ronde Barber would be the active player with the longest starting streak, so notes Pat Yasinskas. Ronde Barber's streak currently stands at 183 consecutive games. The last time he missed a start was week 10 of the 1999 regular season. 

That streak may be the most impressive of all Ronde Barber's accolades. 40 interceptions, 26 sacks, being named to the 2000s NFL All-Decade Team - he has had a very impressive career. But starting so many consecutive games requires a truly professional approach the game. It requires a player to take care of his body. It requires him to regularly play through minor injuries. It also requires a little luck - major injuries happen in the NFL. But most importantly, it requires a player to play at a higher level than his competitors throughout the streak. 

Most impressive of all: Ronde's not done yet.