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Report: Lee Roy Selmon's condition improves to 'stable'

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After suffering a stroke yesterday and surviving despite reports of his death, Lee Roy Selmon is still alive and has improved his condition to 'stable', according to Joey Johnston of the Tampa Tribune. Selmon is now breathing on his own. Selmon was in critical condition earlier today. 

Make sure to read that article by Joey Johnston, if only to see the outpouring of support for Lee Roy Selmon. People from all over the Tampa Bay area and beyond offer kind words and hope for the NFL Hall of Famer. Lee Roy Selmon isn't just one of the best football players to grace the area, he has also been tremendously important for the Tampa Bay area in other areas. He helped USF land a football team, he improved many people's lives through charity, and he gave people some great food through his restaurant chain. 

Hopefully Lee Roy Selmon will continue to improve and will fight through this illness. Our thoughts are with you and your family, Lee Roy Selmon.