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Bucs Nation Early Games Open Thread - Go Texans!

Pileups are fun
Pileups are fun

For the first time this year the Bucs play a late afternoon game instead of starting at 1 P.M. So here's your game thread for the early games. Watch the Houston Texans beat up on the New Orleans Saints and the Jacksonville Jaguars make some nice Panther stew. Hopefully. 

New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills
Hurray, an AFC game that doesn't affect the Bucs at all. At least watching two offensive juggernauts go at it could be fun. Wait, the Bills are an offensive juggernaut? 

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Carolina Panthers
Can Cam Newton beat Blaine Gabbert? Or will the Panthers continue to be the winless worst team in the NFC South, yet somehow much better than last year?

San Francisco 49ers @ Cincinnati Bengals
Alex Smith vs Andy Dalton. Wow do I ever not care.

Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings
Which of the two teams the Bucs have faced so far is better? 

Houston Texans @ New Orleans Saints
Can the New Orleans Saints stop Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson and Ben Tate without Jonathan Vilma and Tracy Porter? I say no. 

New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles
I hope the Giants win. Because I hate the Eagles. Otherwise, whatever. 

Denver Broncos @ Tennessee Titans
Von Miller is fun to watch. Also, Chris Johnson is the Titans' worst offensive player now. I have no words.