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Report: Tampa Bay Buccaneers fined six-figure sum for contact with players during lockout

According to Pro Football Talk three teams were fined six-figure sums for unauthorized contact with players during the lockout. One of those teams is unsurprisingly the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This first came to light several weeks ago when it was reported that the Bucs had placed several calls to players during the season. Specifically, Raheem Morris had supposedly called Kellen Winslow and Niko Koutouvides among others. Morris later admitted that he had called Kellen Winslow to congratulate him on the birth of a newborn and Aqib Talib after his run-in with the law. 

This wasn't any kind of egregious violation of the rules, which weren't all that useful anyway. The NFL couldn't really suspend a coach or take away draft picks for this, and they certainly couldn't fire a coach for congratulating a player with the birth of a baby. Yes, that form of punishment was suggested during the lockout. 

So instead, it seems like the Bucs will have to pay the NFL a sizable sum of money. Given the fact that the Bucs are miles under the salary cap and the Glazers are worth over a billion dollars, this is completely irrelevant for the team itself.