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Yet Another Blackout: Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers will not be televised locally

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We are now moving into week three of the NFL season, and the Buccaneers are facing their second blackout of the season and their tenth straight blackout. If we include preseason games, this would be their fourteenth straight blackout. 

There are plenty of reasons for this: the 2009 season hurt the fans and the 2010 season was good, but not great. The team is still building back a fanbase. The economy is still really, really bad. Going to a game is expensive and uncomfortably warm. Watching games at home may be a better experience than going to the stadium. 

Then there's the fact that the Tampa Bay homegames have not been as exciting for the home crowd as the away games. And playing a very ugly game against the Detroit Lions in the home opener certainly doesn't help. 

We can prepare for more blackouts, too. There's a chance even next week's Monday Night Football game will be blacked out now that the Colts look like the second-worst team in the NFL without Peyton Manning