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Daily Bucs Links 9/22/11 - Cody Grimm is 'Mr. Reliable', Penn facing another tough matchup in Abraham

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Morris: Cody Grimm has become "Mr. Reliable" | & St. Petersburg Times
Cody Grimm is a very reliable and useful player, but like Sean Jones he lacks some range in pass coverage. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers pleased with Cody Grimm in Tanard Jackson's absence - St. Petersburg Times
Grimm has been a very pleasant surprise, but Tanard Jackson is a better player - when he's on the field.

Penn up for another tough task with Falcons DE John Abraham | & St. Petersburg Times
I thought Penn struggled mightily against Abraham last year. He gets a do-over on Sunday. 

Falcons' Abraham is next challenge for Bucs T Penn |
Penn is facing a lot of good edge rushers this year. He started with Kyle Vanden Bosch, he moved on to Jared Allen, now he gets to face John Abraham and he'll face Dwight Freeney in week four. 

Buccaneers near league lead in drops - NFC South Blog - ESPN
That's not good, although it's over a very small sample size. Another consequence of the lockout?

Upon Further Review - Week 2 Buccaneers @ Vikings - SB Nation Tampa Bay
JC De La Torre  reviews the last game. 

Buccaneers Insider - 1040 ESPN Tampa
I forgot to include Craig Smith's game review yesterday. So here it is. 


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Re-Focused - Buccaneers @ Vikings, Week 2 |
Pro Football Focus has a few notes on the game. Nothing particularly interesting, though 

Bucs face 10th straight regular-season blackout |
If the game doesn't sell out by tomorrow afternoon, we'll have another blackout. 

Bucs S Tanard Jackson's future remains uncertain |
I don't think it's that uncertain. Tanard Jackson has applied to be reinstated and likely will be. The Bucs will probably be granted a roster exemption while they evaluate him. And if he's in football shape, he will get a role on defense. He's too talented not to.  

Bucs want to start fast Sunday against Falcons |
Hey, that sounds familiar. I'm not getting my hopes up. 

Falcons report long list of injuries | & St. Petersburg Times
The Falcons don't have the same luck with injuries they did last year. 

Bucs Frustrated By Falcons' 5 Staight Wins In Series | Pewter Report
Lots of close games, though. At some point the Bucs will win one of them. Hopefully this Sunday. 

Nailing the Big Moments |
The Bucs' website has some notes on the upcoming game. 

[Video] Every Game is Unforgettable |
The Bucs made a promo video for the stadium experience. They need to get more people in the stands, and they know it. 

[Video] QB Josh Freeman Press Conference, 9/21 |
Freeman's press conference. 

[Video] Buccaneers Insider, 9/21/11 |
Insider talks to Preston Parker