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Injury Update: Quincy Black not practicing, Myron Lewis back on the field

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Quincy Black has not played well these past two weeks, which is disappointing for a linebacker who was given a pretty good contract this offseason. He wasn't horrible against the Lions, but he was a real liability against the Minnesota Vikings. It's no coincidence the team started to play better when he went out and Dekoda Watson and Adam Hayward got playing time, with Mason Foster taking his place on third down. 

Of course, Black went out because he had an ankle injury, which may have been the reason why he played so poorly against the Vikings. But the reason doesn't really matter - if he's playing so poorly, he shouldn't be out there in the first place. And apparently that injury is so serious that he is now missing from today's practice. Unless Black's ankle stops bothering him before Sunday, he should not be on the field given how he played with an injured ankle past Sunday. 

In brighter news, Myron Lewis was back on the field. The young cornerback has missed a lot of practice time with various injuries, but with him back at practice he may finally be ready to see the field again. He is currently the dime cornerback so likely won't be on the field much against the conservative Atlanta Falcons, but he adds some quality depth to the cornerback group.