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10 Questions from week 2

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Dispirited, disheartened, dejected, and hopeless are all words that would have described most football teams trailing 17-0 at halftime. It wasn’t just the 17 point deficit, but when your team doesn’t even cross the 50 yard line into the opposition’s territory, and you gain a total of 62 offensive yards, most teams would be inclined to just give up. On the road, in a hostile environment, the easy thing would have been to lie down.

Not the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Not this Sunday. Not with an 0-2 start on the line. Not with the entire season potentially hanging in the balance. (Maybe premature but possibly true.) Not with a young man named Josh Freeman at the helm. There is already a quarterback in the division nicknamed "Ice" so I don’t think a cool (temperature wise) nickname is appropriate here.

Instead I’m going to go the other way for this team and its young quarterback. If someone has ice water running through their veins they’re supposed to be cool calm and collected under pressure. That describes Freeman to an extent. He is cool under pressure in that he doesn’t often make mistakes but he is not calm and emotionless. Volcanoes can lie dormant for decades and erupt without warning. There is no better personification of this team than a volcano. They can be completely dormant like they were in the first half on Sunday, and then without warning erupt for 24 points while tearing apart everything in their path. 

Thus in addition to this week’s offering of 10 questions I also would like to propose a new nickname for Josh Freeman and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Josh the "Volcano" Freeman, and his crew, the Captains of the 4th Quarter Comeback!

  1. If the Steelers have the "Terrible Towels" to inspire fear into their opposition do you think the "Youngry Yo Yo’s" would catch on? The hat just wasn’t doing it for me

  2. Is it just me or should there be a new award given out each year for the best hurdle of the year? Of course I might be a little biased because I’m fairly certain our favorite running back would dominate.

  3. How amazing was Mike Williams’ leaping sideline tiptoe grab in the end zone, and how painful was it to listen to Mike Pereira’s explanation that because Benn didn’t reset for a full second when he came in motion the TD was erased?

  4. If Dekoda Watson plays for the "injured" Quincy Black again next week would it be fair to say that Florida State University is our unofficial linebacker farm?

  5. How hard did you cheer when Rejus Benn caught that TD? Welcome back kid!


  6. If Parker and Briscoe continue to show up like they did on Sunday in key moments will we have a "surplus" of talent at wide receiver?


  7. If the Bucs hadn’t recovered that onside kick how many of us would be screaming for Morris’s job?


  8. Is it safe to say Brian Price is a starter and a force in the middle of that defensive line?


  9. Where has Cody Grimm been?


  10. Who’s ready for the Falcons!?!?!?!?