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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Boldest Fan

The boldest Buccaneers fan has to be Keith Kunzig, also known as 'Big Nasty'. Kunzig is the guy with the rhino helmet and the red facepaint who can be seen at nearly every Buccaneers game. Unfortunately, we don't have a picture on file of the big man, but there are several galleries of him out there. Like this one and of course there's his own website.

Kunzig's persona is so iconic that his character was inducted into the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2001. Everyone should know his mug, as he's on camera very frequently. And he uses his fame to raise money for charity, which is always good to see.

When you're crazy enough to wear a rhino horn to every Bucs game, you're definitely the Bucs' boldest fan.

The final installment of the Boldest Fan series will be about a fan on this very website, so I still need you guys to nominate one of your fellow commenters. Who is most deserving of the title?