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Mason Foster, Legarrette Blount nominated for NFL awards

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It's time for another game of "How many Buccaneers can get nominated for awards without ever actually winning!?"

This week, we have two contestants for three total awards. Legarrette Blount was nominated for the Never Say Never Moment of the Week and as the Ground Player of the Week for putting the team on his back. Rookie linebacker Mason Foster was nominated for the Rookie of the Week award.

You can go ahead and click the links, but neither player really has a shot to win any of those awards. Foster played defense in a not widely seen game, while he's up against players on offense who were viewed all over the nation. Meanwhile, Blount is up against guys with more yardage and just as many TDs in one award and two QBs who led game-winning drives in others. 

So hey, this is last year all over again. Lots of nominations, and no wins. Mike Williams and Legarrette Blount were nominated for Rookie of the Week awards nearly every week, and never actually won one. 

As long as the Bucs keep winning games, I'm just fine with that.