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Safety Sean Jones is off to a great start in 2011

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If anybody was paying attention this past Sunday it would have been hard to miss the exemplary play of Tampa Bay safety Sean Jones. Jones played well last year in his first season with the team, but his play this year has been very, very good so far. This past Sunday Jones had the amazing stat line of seven tackles (five solo), one sack, one fumble recovery, and one tackle for a loss. Not too shabby.

Tampa Bay head coach Raheem Morris is obviously comfortable enough with Jones to allow him to come on the blitz as he did a couple of times on Sunday, once sacking McNabb, and the other time disrupting the play. Jones exhibits sound tackling and a great nose for the football. He is an asset in pass coverage as well.

His play thus far is even more exciting when you think of the possibility of he and Tanard Jackson roaming the defensive backfield at the same time. Jackson's status is still uncertain, and although Cody Grimm is no slouch, he just doesn't seem to be the same player he was last year before getting injured.

Larry Asante is also another player that really excites me and once he returns from injury the Bucs are sure to have one of the deepest safety corps in the entire NFL. The safety depth on this team is quite remarkable considering the Buccaneers are only a little over one year removed from Sabby Piscitelli starting games for them.

Jones is on pace for 120 tackles right now. Hopefully he won't hit that number. The first two levels of the defense should and could help him out a little bit more in future games, but it's good to know we have a guy back there that can be counted on just in case.