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Raheem Morris names his defensive line roster spots in press conference

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In today's press conference, Raheem Morris refused to discuss any roster cuts. However, he did seriously hint at the composition of the defensive line. After being asked about the defensive line, the Buccaneers' head coach named 9 players as playing a role there: Michael Bennett, Da'Quan Bowers, Gerald McCoy, Frank Okam, Roy Miller, Brian Price, Adrian Clayborn, Tim Crowder and George Johnson

This would mean the Bucs keep four defensive tackles and five defensive ends. In addition, they have used Dekoda Watson as a defensive end on passing downs this preseason. 

In addition, Raheem Morris also made the depth chart pretty clear:

Right Defensive End: Adrian Clayborn, Tim Crowder, Dekoda Watson (passing downs)
Undertackle: Gerald McCoy, Frank Okam
Nose Tackle: Roy Miller, Brian Price, Frank Okam
Left Defensive End: Michael Bennett, Da'Quan Bowers, George Johnson

Although there are some minor injuries at nose tackle, that's a deep and talented squad of defensive linemen. It has certainly looked much better this preseason than in previous years. Hopefully that carries over into the regular season. They'll have two relatively easy matchups in the Lions and Vikings offensive lines in the first two weeks.