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Tampa Bay Buccaneers release Tyrone McKenzie. Fans go 'What!?'

According to Anwar Richardson of the Tampa Tribune the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have just released linebacker Tyrone McKenzie. McKenzie started training camp as the prospective starter at middle linebacker, but was quickly beaten out by third-round pick Mason Foster

Tyrone McKenzie has since had a decent preseason in which he looked very capable, and at the very least like a capable backup. This release comes out of nowhere, and I cannot in any way justify it. McKenzie was clearly the second-best middle linebacker on the team. This move makes this team weaker, and I really don't understand it. I like Mason Foster, having a quality backup behind a rookie who is still learning the position is key. 

While the Bucs have talked highly of Derrell Smith, a rookie undrafted free agent, he has not stood out to me. Adam Hawyard is also capable of playing middle linebacker, and indeed did so against the Washington Redskins