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Gameplan, not panic will be key in Minnesota

In the days after the beating from the Detroit Lions, Raheem Morris indicated he was not pleased with how Legarrette Blount was used and that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers got away from the game plan. He noted specifically that we moved from a normal tempo offense to a hurry up/two minute offense to try and jump start the offense, but they failed to involve one of their best playmakers. This is no surprise to anyone who saw or heard the game as Blount's 5 carries and the lack of a running game crippled the Bucs effectiveness.

How the Bucs handle any early adversity will be a key against Minnesota. This time the Bucs won't have the luxury of a semi-Bucs crowd or an environment that should've sent the Lions to the sidelines drained and cramped, not the Bucs. Instead, the Bucs travel to Minnesota to play the Vikings, coming off their own disappointing opening day loss. While the Bucs have weapons on offense, it's establishing and sticking to a game plan that will be key. Olsen has to stay away from the panic button regardless of what happens early on in the game. The run doesn't have to hit big chunks early on, but has to be just effective enough to keep the ends from pushing up field and the linebackers from dropping back right away.

If the Bucs can figure out how to involve the run and pass game, they can enter 2010 territory and put some points on the board.