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National Power Rankings: Tampa Bay Buccaneers an average team

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Despite a pretty embarrassing outing against the Detroit Lions the Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn't drop much in the eyes of people who make power rankings. The consensus seems to be that Detroit is pretty good rather than that Tampa Bay is pretty bad. A quick look at a couple of different power rankings:

ESPN: 14th (down from 12th)

Tough loss to Detroit, but at least the Bucs lost no ground in their division.

SB Nation: 14th (no change)

Tough loss for the Bucs. People said they're an improving team, but they may not be there yet. Looks like that might be accurate.

Fox Sports (Brian Billick):
13th (down from 10th)

I hate to say it because of the respect I have for Raheem Morris, but the Buccaneers were outcoached Sunday. They completely abandoned the running game and lost focus of their game plan. The Bucs have a trap game in Week 2 against Minnesota, and they can't afford to overlook it.

CBS Sports (Pete Prisco): 21st (down from 13th)

I worried they would take a step back this season, but not nearly as bad as they did against the Lions. Where's the speed on offense?

National Football Post: 16th (no previous ranking)

Should LeGarrette Blount have an issue with the Bucs' game plan? We think so-because Tampa needs to run the ball.