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Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Redskins - Game Thread Preseason Week 4

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It's the final week of the preseason, and that means we're going to see lots and lots of backups today and no starters. The starting defense isn't playing and I'd be surprised if we see any starter on offense out there. So we need to turn our attention to the backups, who will be playing.

Who will make his mark and force his way onto the roster? Who will mess up and destroy his chances of being a Buccaneer this season? Pay special attention to special teams, as that will be a key to making this team for guys on the lower end of the roster.

Check out our pre-game coverage on position battles:
Tight End
Running back
Defensive End
Wide Receiver

This is the final game of the preseason. In just over a week, we will have actual, regular season, 60 minutes of starters football. No more speculating, actual results will matter at that point. I can't wait.