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Buccaneers - Redskins: Position Battle - Tight End

The final position battle to keep an eye on today is the battle between the tight ends. Kellen Winslow and Luke Stocker will make the team, but the Bucs need more tight ends than that. Greg Olson loves to run two-tight end sets, and it really feels like he wants to base this offense around the tight end position. To do so they need at least three tight ends, and are more likely even to keep four tight ends. Especially so because Luke Stocker has a minor fracture in his hip according to Rick Stroud. While Stocker won't miss any time, it's hard not to think he will at least be bothered by it throughout the season. 

Daniel Hardy
Daniel Hardy is mostly a receiver and won't do all that much as a pass blocker. He's not a real downfield threat, but he's a very big guy who moves well for his size and runs with some power after the catch. So far he's flashed some skills as a receiver, and if he continues to look good in this final game he will likely make the roster. 

Ryan Purvis
Purvis is more of a blocking tight end, but has at times shown some production in the receiving game as well. He's had a better preseason than Overbay, but it hasn't been great. Pay attention to his run-blocking, because that's what he'll have to excel at to make the team. He also has some experience in the system, which could help him make the team. 

Nathan Overbay
Like Purvis, Overbay is more of a blocker. Unlike Purvis, Overbay has had a pretty wretched preseason so far. Until last game, that is, when he caught two passes against third-string defenses. As with Purvis, his blocking will be a key to making the team.