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ESPN ranks Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12th in first preseason power rankings

Despite not adding any real pieces in free agency, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rose one spot in ESPN's power rankings. The Bucs ended last year ranked 13th, and are now ranked 12th, the highest ESPN has ranked them to start the season since 2006, when the Bucs were coming off a division title.

The 12th rank seems fair to me. If this ranking really is accurate, the Bucs are good enough to make the playoffs on a Wild Card. That's about what I'm projecting the Bucs to do as well. The rest of the division will make this hard for them, however. The New Orleans Saints are ranked fourth, and the Atlanta Falcons are ranked sixth. For now, the Bucs are seen as the third-best team in a tough division, which likely leaves them out of the playoffs.

The Bucs will pay these rankings no mind, though. They're preparing for a Super Bowl run.