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Football is coming this Friday

We're only a couple of days removed from the first football game of the season. Yes, it's a preseason game, but we'll finally get to see the Bucs in action again. Ever since their season ended with a win, but also without a playoff spot, I've been curious to see how the team will do.

In the preseason, though, the ultimate result doesn't really matter. What matters is how individual players do. Will Josh Freeman look sharp and accurate? Will Davin Joseph live up to his contract? Will Trueblood be able to stop a pass rusher? Will Gerald McCoy look like a new man? Will Adrian Clayborn and Da'Quan Bowers energize a lackluster pass rusher? Will Arrelious Benn look slow coming off his ACL injury? Will Mason Foster hold it down in the middle of the defense? 

These are all important questions that will be answered on Friday. But preseason is also interesting because you get a rare glimpse of the bottom of the roster. What will the sixth receiver do on Friday? How will the fifth cornerback look? Can the fifth-string running back catch passes? Who shines on special teams and secures his roster spot that way? Preseason football isn't always pretty and it isn't always interesting, but at least it's football.

Can't wait!