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Dolphins - Buccaneers: Five Questions with the Phinsider

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers play the Miami Dolphins tonight, and Kevin Nogle of The Phinsider was kind of enough to answer a couple of questions about the Dolphins and the upcoming game. 

Bucs Nation: With the Bucs expecting to play their starters for the first half, I'm sure they'd like to see some real opposition instead of practicing against backups. How long do you think the Dolphins will keep in their starters on Saturday, and how are they approaching this game in terms of gameplanning?

The Phinsider: I think it's possible to see a chunk of the starters come back out after the half.  They played most of, if not all of, the first half last week.  I think it would be the next step to see them come back out after half time and complete a series.  I wouldn't expect to see Brandon Marshall or Reggie Bush out there for the entire time, but the offensive line, the corners, the linebackers, it wouldn't surprise me.  

I go back and forth on the idea of Henne coming back out.  I can see where it would give him some experience he needs, but it's also a huge risk.  As for the game plan, I think the Dolphins will do some, but not as much as they would a regular season game.  Head Coach Tony Sparano has said that the Dolphins are solely focused on the Patriots Monday night of Week 1 - everything they are doing is solely to get ready for that game.  I think the team will look at some film and come up with some sort of game plan, but they will focus more on continuing the growth we saw last week against Carolina.

Bucs Nation: The Bucs offensive line really struggled against the New England Patriots, and I know the Dolphins have a terrific defensive line and some very good pass-rushers at outside linebacker. Is there anyone along the defensive line or at outside linebacker Bucs fans should pay special attention to?

The Phinsider: The defense as a whole, especially the front seven, are easily the Dolphins' strength. They have incredible depth, and the second string guys are easily starter capable. In fact, last week Jared Odrick, who missed all of his rookie year last year due to injury, started over Pro Bowler Randy Starks at defensive end. There are so many options, it's really hard for the Dolphins to get everyone on the field. Someone whom you may not know, but should watch, is Koa Misi. Misi plays opposite Cameron Wake as the starting outside linebackers. Wake is a sack machine, but the Dolphins lacked a pass rush opposite him last year. Misi is developing nicely this year, with help from Jason Taylor and pass rush coach Bryan Cox. I would watch what Misi can do against the Bucs.

Bucs Nation: The Dolphins traded for Reggie Bush, and there have been some rumblings of making him a feature back, something he never did well in New Orleans. How do you expect Bush to be used, and how has he looked so far?

The Phinsider: Coach Sparano came out this week, when talking about the Dolphins' signing of running back Larry Johnson, and clearly stated that Reggie Bush is the Dolphins starting running back. I think Daniel Thomas will still be a big part of the running game, but e is not running like the big, bruising back everyone expects him to be. I think there is a chance Bush could be the feature back. Last week against the Panthers, he looked impressive, running with power between the tackles, and finesse in the open field. If he can keep that up, especially against the Bus this week, he may actually be the feature back.

Bucs Nation: Can you name an under-the-radar player for the Dolphins on defense, who Bucs fans should pay attention to on Saturday?

The Phinsider: This one is easy.  Cornerback Jimmy Wilson, the Dolphins 7th round draft pick this year.  Wilson spent two years during his college career in jail, as he was tried twice for murder before being acquitted.  That caused him to slip from a first- or second-round pick to a 7th.  His play thus far has shown why he should have been an early round choice.  He hits hard, he seems to be everywhere, and he's going to prove to be a steal for Miami.

Bucs Nation: Can you name an under-the-radar player for the Dolphins on offense, who Bucs fans should pay attention to on Saturday?

The Phinsider:  Wide receiver Clyde Gates was the Dolphins fourth round pick this year, and has come in showing that his blazing speed wasn't a combine fluke.  Gates was the fastest wide receiver, and fourth fastest overall, at the 2011 Draft Combine, running a 4.37 second 40-yard dash.  He's demonstrating that speed every practice and game.  He still needs to improve his route running, but his ability to blow past a secondary is going to lead to some deep passes - as long as he and Henne can get on the same page.