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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Madden Ratings - Time to nitpick!

The Bucs' preliminary player ratings for Madden NFL 12 have been released, and that always provides some nice material to argue about. You will see some old players on there, as this the roster as it looked during the lockout. All ratings are out of 99. Here are some of the things that stood out to me:

Legarrette Blount trucking master:
Legarrette Blount has an overall rating of 81, and is best used running straight over people. He is rated as a 98 in trucking. Though, to be honest, I don't think that meshes that well with reality. Blount will run over defensive backs, but I haven't seen him truck a linebacker yet. Blount should be tons of fun in the game, though. Run over everyone!

Kellen Winslow - Best player on the roster
Yip, despite being an atrocious run blocker (reflected in  his 69 strength - as much as Mike Williams), Kellen Winslow is the best player on the team with a rating of 89. Winslow is the guy you want to throw the ball to on third downs - or any down, really. 

Davin Joseph is elite
With him, Faine and Trueblood (who looks to be a good run blocker in the game, though not a good pass blocker), running to the right seems like a dominant option. Watch them push back guys and have Blount truck anyone who isn't blocked. 

James Lee is the best right tackle
According to Madden, James Lee is a better player than Trueblood. Based on last year, I would agree. Based on this preseason, though, Trueblood is much, much better. 

Geno Hayes is better than Quincy Black
Whenever I describe Quincy Black, I notice I start using words like 'solid' , 'well-rounded' and 'not a liability'. Which is fine - but it's not exactly remarkable. It seems Madden agrees with me, although that strength rating seems much too low. Geno Hayes, on the other hand, comes out looking as the better linebacker. 

Is there anything you notice about these ratings?