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Josh Freeman and other 2009 draft picks can be offered new contracts this season

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about possible contract extension for different Buccaneers. This was made even more poignant by the fact that the Bucs have about $29 million in cap space. Not because the Bucs have to spend that cap space (they don't), but because pushing money of future deals into this year, when there's plenty of cap space, is good business. 

In that article, I claimed that according to the current CBA, Josh Freeman could not be extended during the 2011 season, because of a re-negotiation limit on rookie contracts. It seems I was wrong on that count, as fellow 2009 draft pick Aaron Curry just re-negotiated his contract

If that's allowed, then the Bucs can offer their young players drafted in 2009 and before a contract extension as well. This means that in addition to the players I mentioned in the previous contract, Josh Freeman, Roy Miller and E.J. Biggers among others could be offered extensions. Although the only player who would realistically be offered an extension is big number five.

Still, this does not mean the Bucs can hand out contract extensions to all of the young stars. Most of the young star players are now entering their second year, and those players cannot be offered a contract extension, because the two-year limit was included in the previous CBA as well and should hence be in their contracts. Mike Williams and Legarrette Blount will have to wait for their new contracts.